For my inaugural station visit, I was nervous—with anticipation. The psychological weight of this entire project loomed over me, so I chose to start with one of my favourites, Rosedale.

Rosedale station identification tiling
Rosedale’s charming (if non-original) green tiles

Genteel, calm, and quiet, this classic open-air station was designed by noted Canadian architect John B. Parkin, along with the TTC’s Arthur Keith, with input from Alvan Sherlock (‘Shy’) Mathers. Called ‘Crescent’ in early planning documents, Rosedale opened on March 30, 1954, as one of the stations on the original Yonge subway line.

Rosedale station exterior
Rosedale station exterior. Bus platform on right.

Rosedale is almost the least-used stop on the line—neighbouring Summerhill reigns as the loneliest—so it eased my mind to know that I could wander around, without anyone really paying much attention. The station has been designated a heritage structure, and is situated north of Budd Sugarman Park (technically part of the property), opposite Ramsden Park.

Rosedale station platforms
An unheralded gateway to the metropolis

Rosedale doesn’t connect to any major bus routes, and most residents from the eponymous area it services have access to their own vehicle. It is almost certainly destined to forever remain a sleepy interval point along the line, a dignified reminder of an earlier time in Toronto’s transit history.

One particular aspect I enjoy is the station’s park-like intimacy. Shrubbery and trees are visible from both platforms; the foliage waves in the breeze while you wait for your train. The soft rustling forms a stark aural contrast to the industrial, utilitarian thrum of ventilator fans and generators heard at most other TTC stations. 
Rosedale: my first stop in what will be a long journey.

Rosedale station platform view across tracks
Parkin gave us a visual treat of simplicity and harmony

Rosedale open platforms
The foliage enhances the verdant theme

Photo Gallery

Tour the station, and view captioned historical images from its past—click the following image to start. (Hint: to view the historical photos, scroll to the end of the gallery. And make sure to turn on the captions):

Rosedale station photo gallery

For each station visit, I’ve decided to take a transfer as a physical token (sorry about the pun) of my attendance:

Rosedale station transfer
Rosedale station transfer

Technically speaking, as a Metropass user I’m violating TTC Bylaw #1, Section 2.11, but as long as I’m not giving the transfer to anyone else or trying to use it, it’s not really an issue. Label me a scofflaw!

More about Rosedale

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