High Park

This station is named for the much-used, much-loved, nearby Toronto green space which sprawls over almost 400 acres of mixed recreational uses and varied natural geography. John and Jemima Howard settled the land that makes up the core of High Park in 1836. The park was officially opened to the public in 1876, and has since become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The Howards, inspired by the scenic views and ecological beauty, named the estate High Park as the highest point in the area. I recommend a trip if you haven’t been—and for that, you’ll want to come to the aforementioned station.

Some of the entrances to High Park still have their original vibrant blue signage
The modest bus platform entrance to High Park station


Like a lot of folks, my primary encounter with this facility happens every spring, when thousands of visitors throng to High Park to see the cherry blossoms. The sakura were a gift from the Japanese Ambassador to Canada in 1959 on behalf of the citizens of Tokyo. In much the same way that Taste of the Danforth annually inundates Chester, Pape, and Broadview with people, so too does High Park station temporarily deal with a massive surge of sightseers for the blossoms every year (yes, a few come for the capybaras too!).

Every year High Park station is besieged with visitors in search of the cherry blossoms at High Park
Temporary directional signage for the influx

The station was opened on May 11, 1968 as part of the Bloor line’s extension from Keele to Islington. An unfortunate casualty of its assembly was the High Park Mineral Baths, which had been located near what is now the western end of the station. Construction is presently underway for the installation of elevators, which will finally make High Park station accessible (a ramp has existed at the Quebec Ave entrance for some time). 

The Parkview Gardens (north) entrance at the west end of High Park station.
Lovely retention of the original blue signage at several of the station’s entrance-ways.

I have an inexplicable fondness for the two Parkview Gardens exits. Maybe it’s that distinctive electric blue. This is a station I should return to more often.

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Photo Gallery

Tour the station, and view captioned historical images from its past:

Photo gallery of the TTC's High Park subway station


Transfer for High Park subway station
High Park station transfer

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