Welcome to my journey!

Thanks for joining me on my quest to visit every node on the TTC subway and SRT network. I’ve been an avid rider of the system for over a decade, but I often feel like I’ve never properly appreciated the subtle nuances and distinctions of each station.

We naturally think of the subway in terms of its main purpose: getting from point A to point B. How we feel about the subway is another matter: our emotions are predominantly determined by its efficiency in accomplishing that task. But I’ve discovered that it can be surprisingly rewarding to pause every so often, to mindfully observe the details of this critical component of Toronto.

As I visit each station, I’ll write a short personal post and take representative photographs to document what I see. I’ve compiled over 1,500 historical photographs and articles which are included in the station galleries; these provide fascinating insight into past design and usage.

Note: Make sure you turn on the captions for the photo galleries! (here’s how)

I invite you to follow my progress as I complete this urban transit pilgrimage. Please share any thoughts, memories or interesting facts you have about a given station, in the comment section below each post.

Wish me luck!

- Nathan Ng

First stop: Rosedale