Want to help?

Projects like this are unwieldy beasts, taking an enormous amount of personal time and effort to research and put together. I’d appreciate any help you can provide. Two forms of assistance would be most useful:
  1. I’m looking for quality historical photos to add to the galleries. The archival record at some stations is spotty. If you have old photos or news clippings of TTC subway stations that you’re willing to share, that would be amazing. For example:
    • Do you have any photos of the Maple Leaf decorations at College? In particular that ‘signature poster’ on the mezzanine wall leading to the northbound staircase, or any of the hockey player photos.
    • Yorkdale with Arc-en-ciel operating
    • Eglinton bus bay mezzanine
    • Colour shots of Vitrolite tiling
    • anything which you don’t see covered in the archival galleries.
  2. Would you buy me a coffee / spare me a token? If you’ve enjoyed this site (or my other historical projects), found it useful or informative or entertaining — consider a small tip for encouragement. I thank those of you who have generously chipped in for support.

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