List of station visits

Explore the TTC subway system with me! Rather than follow a simple linear or geographical order, I’m allowing whimsy to dictate the sequence of my journey.

TTC guide Mrs. Verne Draper in uniform shows map of the new Crosstown route to Miss Gloria Sinibaldi
The places you’ll visit! The wonders you’ll see!

Be sure to check out the photo galleries—they feature over 2,500 fascinating historical images covering each station’s past.

Welcome to my journey!

1. Rosedale
2. Museum
3. York Mills
4. Bessarion
5. Leslie
6. Chester
7. Sherbourne
8. Bathurst
9. Pape
10. St. Patrick
11. Osgoode
12. Greenwood
13. Lawrence
14. Dupont
15. Runnymede
16. Summerhill
17. Royal York
18. Ossington
19. Lansdowne
20. Union
21. Coxwell
22. King
23. McCowan
24. Bayview
25. Sheppard West (formerly Downsview)
26. Kipling
27. St. Andrew
28. Don Mills
29. Midland
30. Ellesmere
31. Finch
32. Scarborough Centre
33. Wilson
34. Islington
35. Kennedy
36. Lawrence West
37. Wellesley
38. Donlands
39. Jane
40. College

Bonus: Queens Quay

Bonus: Queen Lower
66. High Park
67. Castle Frank
68. Glencairn
69. Old Mill
See note following list

70. York University
71. Pioneer Village
72. Highway 407
73. Vaughan Metropolitan Centre
74. Finch West
75. Downsview Park
Old Mill marked the completion of Station Fixation as originally envisioned; when I started this adventure in 2014, the TYSSE stations were distant shimmering dreams of the unknown future, still under construction. Due to numerous life events, I had to pause this project indefinitely, and the TYSSE stations were actually completed before I got to the finish line on the writeups—you know you’re a slowpoke when Toronto transit construction outpaces you!
Because of their significance as new additions to the subway system (not to mention their architectural grandiosity), I of course visited and photographed the TYSSE stations over the intervening years, but did minimal research on their history and context. It remains to be seen what (if any) coverage I will do for the Crosstown stations (and which ones); I will probably call things to a halt at Downsview Park.    
Image: “TTC guide Mrs. Verne Draper (in uniform) shows map of the new Crosstown route to Miss Gloria Sinibaldi.” From The Toronto Daily Star, February 19, 1966, p54. How tall is Mrs. Draper supposed to be in that photo?!