York Mills

I used to work at Yonge and York Mills, so I’ve been to this station a zillion times. Not too many of the affluent inhabitants of the area patronize the stop, but it does service two adjoining mid-size office complexes straddling Yonge.

York Mills station entrance
York Mills: NW entrance

There’s more to York Mills than meets the eye. Although non-descript from the street, the station boasts: a sizeable bus bay, built into the underside of the north-east office building that replaced the original, forgotten-but-stylish surface bus station; a GO Transit bus platform connection (often used to get to Canada’s Wonderland); a Kiss ’N Ride dropoff point; a parking lot; and the system’s longest escalators (at least until those at Highway 407 are completed).

York Mills station platform view
York Mills subway station, from the lonely end.

The subterranean station was constructed extremely deep, ‘floating’ beneath the Don River (West branch). Originally the proposed station design involved a massive elevated bridge above the river, but local residents objected.

Consequently, the escalators at the south end of the station are the TTC system’s longest (many people mistakenly think of the north end of Lawrence, but they’re wrong).

York Mills escalators
76 steps to freedom!

For artwork, the station features Breaking Ground, a large tapestry by noted Canadian artist Laurie Swim. The piece commemorates the Hogg’s Hollow Disaster, the 1960 tunnel-collapse tragedy that took the lives of five Italian immigrant workers. The incident prompted an outcry over safety standards and a partial review of Ontario’s labour laws.

Tapestry close-up of Breaking Ground
Detail from Breaking Ground, by Laurie Swim

York Mills interior office entrance
York Mills connects directly to two office complexes

York Mills bus platform
The surprisingly airy enclosed bus bay with a red theme

York Mills secondary stairwell corridor
A hint of ominous horror-film lighting.

The neighbourhood of York Mills is named for the flour-, cider-, and saw-mills that operated close by on the Don River. The immediate area is also referred to as Hogg’s Hollow, after James Hogg, a prominent settler and mill owner. The Jolly Miller tavern also references the area’s milling history.

The station was opened March 31, 1973 and was briefly the Yonge line’s terminus.

Photo Gallery

Tour the station, and view captioned historical images from its past (including photos of the original surface bus station):
(hint: turn on the captions)

York Mills subway station photo gallery

My transfer:
York Mills station transfer
York Mills station transfer

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